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Instructions for participating our auction

All the items in the auction can be browsed without registration. Bids can be made only after registration. After registration you may also mark items for follow-up and see bought items. Registration doesn’t cost anything and takes only a few minutes. You will receive your username after registration. has the right to delete registration without further notice. Bids can be made after logging in. Please avoid using the browser buttons i.e back and forward and remember to confirm your bids!

Browsing and bidding

Items are divided into categories, list of categories is located at the left side of the auction pages. You can also get the whole list of items by choosing Show all objects. The pictures of the items can be viewed larger by clicking the small ones.

Bids can be made after logging in by clicking the Hammer icon. Please remember to confirm your bid! You can also use the Express bid field of each item. The express bid field is visible after signing in.

All personal data of the participators of the auction are hidden. Only bids are visible.

You can also pick items to your follow-up list by clicking the Binocular icon. Please check your Own data page, where you will find also your follow-up list. Other bidders do not have access to your follow-up list.

An important note! Please avoid using the browser buttons i.e. refresh, back and forward.

The end of the auction

You can see the closing time of the active auction at the top of the page. All times are in EET zone times – that’s GMT+2). Please notice, that each item closes in 5 minutes after the last winning bid. In other words: each new winning bid moves the closing time 5 minutes forward, this concerns each item separately. Items without bids or with bids older than 5 minutes, close exactly at the closing time of the auction (usually at 20 PM EET).

After the actual auction time has ended, only items with active bidding remain visible. After the last item is closed, you can see items you won at the Own data page. We send the items with the invoice within three working days after the auction. No participating fees are added. Only the mailing & packing costs will be included in the invoice.

Other instructions

You can browse the old auction catalogues by clicking Catalogues/Archives on the top of the page. More Finnish share certificates can be found at