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Helsinki Helsingfors 13.05.1991 10000 B share(s) 200000 FIM non-restricted specimen

“Metra Ltd”, formerly “Lohja Corporation”.

A limestone miner and burnt lime producer Lohja was established in 1897 by Mr. Karl Forström. The company manufactured also cement, building bricks and stone products. In the late 1940’s Lohja broadened into electronics and started assembling radios and TV’s. In 1990 Lohja was merged with Wärtsilä, and after some adjusting the business continued under the name Wärtsilä.

The share of Lohja was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1915 to 1931 and again since 1933. The quotation of the shares of Wärtsilä is still continuing.

Nature of business: Building materials, minerals, concrete, trailers, electronics, electric utility and harbour operations.

Name history:
22.09.2000 – Wärtsilä Oyj Abp
17.04.1998 – Metra Oyj Abp
16.01.1991 – Metra Oy Ab
12.09.1975 – Oy Lohja Ab
31.10.1952 – Lohjan Kalkkitehdas Oy – Lojo Kalkverk Ab
31.01.1947 – Lohjan Kalkkitehdas Oy. – Lojo Kalkverk Ab.
10.05.1918 – Lojo Kalkverk Aktiebolag
29.10.1914 – Lojo Kalkverk Aktiebolag, Lohjan Kalkkitehdas Osakeyhtiö

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