Metsäliiton Teollisuus Oy

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Helsinki 24.10.1985 1000 preferred share(s) 50000 FIM restricted specimen

“Metsäliitto Industry Ltd”, formerly “Metsäliitto Cellulose Ltd”.

A pulp producer, which was established in 1953. The first mills were located in Äänekoski, and they were bought from Wärtsilä-Selluloosa. Wärtsilä had just decided to focus into metal and shipyard industry.

In 1986 the businesses of Metsäliiton Teollisuus Ltd and G.A. Serlachius Ltd were decided to merge, and the new united company Metsä-Serla started in the begin of 1987.

The share of Metsäliiton Selluloosa / Metsäliiton Teollisuus was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1969 to 1986. Share of Metsä-Serla (now Metsä Board Ltd) is still listed.

Nature of business: Forest industry, pulp and paper, board.

Name history:
since 1973 – Metsäliiton Teollisuus Oy
since 1953 – Metsäliiton Selluloosa Oy

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