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Helsinki 31.12.1987 100 K share(s) 15000 FIM restricted specimen

A multifunctional Aspo was est. in 1929 and it started by importing coke for heating. In the 1940’s its activities were broadened to shipping and later to chemicals and IT. In 1999 Aspo was diffused in two: then Aspo continued without IT business and Aspocomp Group Ltd was the new holder of electronics. Today Aspo has four divisions, including shipping, importing and bakery machine subsidiaries. The parts are named as ESL Shipping, Kaukomarkkinat, Leipurin and Telko.

The share of Aspo has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1981.

Nature of business: Chemicals, transporting of raw materials, shipping, bakery machines, import of different industrial machines.

Former names of the concern:
Osakeyhtiö G. H. H. Aktiebolag
Oy Troili Ab
Aspoyhtymä Oy