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Iisalmi 21.06.1989 5 A share(s) 10 FIM restricted specimen

Olvi is the oldest brewery in Finland, which is still active and kept in Finnish ownership. Its manufacturing started in 1878 in Iisalmi, Northern Savonia.

Since the 1990’s Olvi has also expanded into the Baltic states and Eastern Europe.

The share of Olvi has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1987. The control of the company is held by Olvi foundation.

Nature of business: Beverage, brewery.

Name history:
03.09.1997 – Olvi Oyj
23.05.1952 – Olvi Oy
30.03.1932 – Oluttehdas Oiva Osakeyhtiö
28.04.1925 – Kajaanin Kalja Oy

since 1878 – Iisalmen Oluttehdas Osake Yhtiö

Some popular trademarks of Olvi and its subsidiaries:
Olvi, Sandels, Fizz, A. Le Coq, Aura, C?su, Volfas Engelman, Lidskoe.

Vignette of the certificate fits well for brewery: It illustrates ears of barley and hop, and the barrel, which includes the name of the company. Word “olvi” means also beer in oldish Finnish dialect.

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