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Espoo 01.09.1988 50 A share(s) 1000 FIM restricted specimen

Orion was established in 1917 by Mr. Onni Turpeinen, Eemil Tuurala and Wikki Valkama. They had worked at Medica medicine maker, but first their new factory in Helsinki manufactured sweeteners and chemicals. However, the drugs were taken to the assortment soon.

After the WWII Orion became multifunctional. In addition to drugs, it took part in detergent and cosmetic industry (Noiro), juice and candy business (Chymos) and acted for example in chipboard plate manufacturer.

In 2006 Orion was divided to two new company: the new Oriola Ltd took over the distribution and wholesale of drugs, and new Orion continued in medicine research and manufacture business.

The share of Orion has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1981.

Nature of business: Multifunctional; primary medicine research, manufacture and sale.

Name history:
01.04.2004 – Orion Oyj
11.12.1997 – Orion-yhtymä Oyj
16.10.1970 – Orion-yhtymä Oy
07.01.1955 – Lääketehdas Orion Oy

Regulus Oy

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