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Vaajakoski 28.02.1990 1000 A share(s) 10000 FIM restricted specimen

A candy and chocolate factory, which was started in 1920 by SOK (Finnish co-operative store chain). The first articles were caramels and marmelade, and the assortment was broadened quickly also to chocolate and liquorice. During the war it was hard to source needed raw materials, and occasionally only product, which could be done, was a marmelade of carrots.

The factory was formed into limited liability company in 1988. Earlier it was just a part of SOK co-operative group. In 1995 the company was sold to Norwegian Rieber & Søn. But, in 2000 it was bought back to Finland. Though, in 2005 the business was sold to Norway again. Then FelixAbba Ltd, which is a part of Orkla Group, bought Panda. Company of this share certificate was finished in 2005, but candymaking still continues in Vaajakoski, Central Finland.

Nature of business: Manufacture of candies.

Name history:
08.11.2000 – Rieber & Søn Oy
30.11.1988 – Oy Panda Ab

The vignette of the certificate illustrates a lovely panda eating a sprig of bamboo.

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