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Helsinki 01.03.1990 1 A share(s) 5 FIM restricted specimen

“Pohjola Insurance Company Ltd”.

Pohjola was established in 1891. OKO bank bought the company in 2005 and nowadays it is a part of OP-Pohjola Group.

The share of Pohjola was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1912 and it was one of the original listed companies in Helsinki. OP-Pohjola is still listed.

Nature of business: Direct non-life insurance, reinsurance, pension insurance.

Name history:
31.12.2006 – merged into OKO Bank
18.01.2002 – Pohjola-Yhtymä Oyj
01.07.1998 – Pohjola-Yhtymä Vakuutus Oyj
26.10.1920 – Vakuutusosakeyhtiö Pohjola
09.09.1891 – Palovakuutus Osakeyhtiö Pohjola

Vignette of the certificate represents bear with a torch.

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