Rakentajain Konevuokraamo Oy

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Vantaa 20.11.1990 1000 B share(s) 10000 FIM restricted specimen

“Machinery rent for builders Ltd”.

A machine and equipment rental company, which was established in 1953. In 2006 it merged with Swedish Cramo AB, and the united company continues as Cramo Ltd. Still active.

Today Cramo operates in several European countries and in Russia.

The share of Rakentajain Konevuokraamo / Cramo has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1988.

Nature of business: Rent of machinery, mainly for construction business.

Name history:
24.11.2006 – Cramo Oyj
06.07.1998 – Rakentajain Konevuokraamo Oyj
21.05.1954 – Rakentajain Konevuokraamo Oy

Vignette of the certificate illustrates scaffolding in use. Those are among the articles, which can be rented from Cramo.