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Helsinki 1987 100 I share(s) 1000 FIM restricted specimen

“Rauma-Repola Corporation”.

A multifunctional company Rauma-Repola was established in 1952. It made “everything but the fob watches” as the former chief of the company, Mr. Tauno Matomäki, said. One high-tech product of Rauma-Repola was famous MIR submarine. Rauma-Repola delivered them to the Soviet Union in 1987 and caused a huge diplomatic stir between the great power states.

Rauma-Repola was combined with United Paper Mills company in 1991. The result was Repola Ltd, which was the largest company in Finland. Nowadays the forest industry parts of Rauma-Repola are a part of UPM and the heavy metal business belongs to Metso. They both are big listed companies in Finland.

The share of Rauma-Repola was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1954 to 1990.

Nature of business: Metal based industry, shipbuilding and offshore, engineering, forest industry, pulp and paper, packaging.