Säästöpankkien Keskus-Osake-Pankki

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Helsinki Helsingfors 03.08.1988 100000 K share(s) 1000000 FIM specimen

“Central bank of the Savings banks”, usually abbreviated to SKOP (in Finnish) or SCAB (in Swedish). The whole name in Finnish was Säästöpankkien Keskus-Osake-Pankki and in Swedish Sparbankernas Central-Aktie-Bank.

SKOP was established in 1908 and it acted as central bank of the savings bank’s group until the 1990’s. In 1991 the bank failed and it was taken over by state.

During liquidation the real estate of SKOP was transferred to Sponda, healthy parts were sold to Handelsbanken, and the junk loans were left to the bad bank of the state (Arsenal). Judicially the liquidation is still incomplete and that’s why the company still exists in the Trade register (in 12/2013 situation).

The share of SKOP was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1988 to 2004. SKOP was the last listed company, which did not move to the book entry system.

Nature of business: Commercial banking.

Name history:
01.07.1998 – Yrityspankki Skop Oyj
03.07.1996 – Yrityspankki Skop Oy
07.01.1909 – Säästöpankkien Keskus-Osake-Pankki

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