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Helsinki 22.02.1988 10000 A share(s) 500000 FIM restricted specimen

An investment company Spontel was founded in 1983. It was specialized in acquisitions and business developing, and its portfolio included several industry companies from many different businesses. Most important among those was the majority share of Tamro Ltd, a well-known health care wholesaler. In the 1990’s all other business of Spontel was sold except Tamro. In 1994 Spontel and Tamro were merged. The company is still active as Tamro Ltd, which is 100 % owned by Phoenix from Germany.

The share of Spontel / Tamro was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1985 to 2004.

Nature of business: Investing, venture capital, health care.

Name history:
01.09.1997 – Tamro Oyj
31.08.1994 – Oy Tamro Ab
09.06.1993 – Tamro-yhtymä Oy
19.05.1983 – Spontel Oy

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