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Lovisa 16.12.1937 10 share(s) 10000 FIM

Oy Stockfors Ab was founded in 1903 on the banks of the Kymijoki (Kymmene river), which is one of the biggest rivers in Finland. The company made a raw material from wood, which was needed in making paper. The company also had a sawmill and a farming division. In 1916 the majority of the company was sold to Mr. Leonard Baumgartner, whose family had a Swiss background.

In 1985 Stockfors was sold to Enso-Gutzeit, which is nowadays called Stora Enso Oyj. Stockfors Ltd is still active as Tornator Ltd, which is a part of Stora Enso Corporation and operates in forestry business. It’s also a large forest owner.

Nature of business: Forest industry, wood processing, forestry.

Name history:
17.12.2012 – Tornator Oyj
02.01.2004 – Tornator Oy
11.07.2002 – Tornator Forest Oy
04.02.1997 – Tornator Oy
28.02.1975 – Oy Stockfors Ab
24.04.1903 – Aktiebolaget Stockfors

Vignette of the certificate represents the mill buildings and scenery from the river Kymmene. The old industrial area of Stockfors has today accommodation, museum and art exhibition functions.

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