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Juuka 30.09.1988 10 A share(s) 200 FIM restricted specimen

“Finnish Soapstone Ltd”.

A mining and stone processing company, which was started originally in 1893 as Finska Täljstens AB. After the WWII the operating of the mine in North Karelia was terminated, but in 1979 Mr. Reijo Vauhkonen started mining again via this company.

Mine is still active, and the company is now called as Tulikivi (Firestone). It products indoor plates from soapstone and assembles also fire places.

The share of Suomen Vuolukivi / Tulikivi has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1988.

Nature of business: Mining and processing of soapstone.

Name history:
04.05.1998 – Tulikivi Oyj
01.09.1993 – Tulikivi Oy
31.12.1958 – Suomen Vuolukivi Oy

The certificate is drawn with signature by Mr. Pekka Vuori, whos is a famous graphic designer in Finland. The signer of the certificate is Reijo Vauhkonen.

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