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Helsinki 10.03.1989 100 A share(s) 1000 FIM restricted specimen

A publishing house, which was established in 1938 and is still active. It started by releasing economic magazine Talouselämä (World of economy).

In 1989 Talouselämä Ltd and Insinööriuutiset Ltd (Engineering news) were merged, and the unification was made into Talouselämä Ltd. After the transaction the new name Talentum Ltd was introduced.

Today Talentum is publishing over ten different magazine (including Talouselämä) for professionals in Finland and Sweden. In addition to that it releases books for professionals.

The share of Talouselämä / Talentum has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1988.

Nature of business: Publishing.

Name history:
15.05.1998 – Talentum Oyj
29.12.1989 – Oy Talentum Ab
08.11.1938 – Talouselämä Oy

Talentum generated also Satama Interactive Ltd in the late 1990’s. Satama was one of the most famous new media stars during the techno bubble seen at the begin of the 2000’s. Talentum sold Satama, which is now (12/2013) known as Trainers’ House Ltd.

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