Castrum Oy

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Helsinki 12.08.1988 1 share(s) 50 FIM restricted specimen

A logistics property owner Castrum was est. in 1984 by Helsingin Osakepankki, Bensow, Partek, Sampo and Dynamic Investment International. Spontel became the main owner of the company in 1987 and Sponda in 2000. Castrum was merged into Sponda soon after that and closed in 2002.

The share of Castrum was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1985 to 2001.

Nature of business: Logistics property.

Name history:
31.01.2002 – Castrum Oy
09.09.1998 – Castrum Oyj
01.06.1988 – Castrum Oy
05.04.1984 – Oy Expaco Ab