Tampereen Kiinteistö Invest Oy

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Tampere – 10000 B share(s) 500000 FIM restricted specimen

A property management company, which was originally established in 1973 and still exists. It holds its properties in Finlayson and Pyynikki area in Tampere. The minority owners were redeemed and the company was restarted in 2011 by pension insurance company Varma.

Nature of business: Property investment.

Name history:
30.04.2011 – exit and reopen with the same name
20.01.1988 – Tampereen Kiinteistö Invest Oy
29.12.1973 – Ikaalisten Silkki Oy

The vignette of the certificate represents well-known Finlayson area in the city centre of Tampere.

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Kiinteisto, Tammerfors