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Helsinki 01.02.1989 1 preferred share(s) 10 FIM non-restricted specimen

Tamro was a traditional drug manufacturer, which was established in 1895 in Tampere as Drogeri-Handelsbolaget i Tammerfors. It was turned int limited liability form in 1906.

In 1986 Tamro was bought by an investment company Spontel. New host started to improve the company, and Tamro chose to sell drug factories Star and Rohto to Huhtamäki Ltd (Leiras). Later, in 1993 the company focused in healthcare products. In 1994 Tamro was merged into Spontel, which changed its name back to Tamro.

Nowadays Tamro is owned by German Phoenix.

The share of this original Tamro was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1955 to 1987. Furthermore, when Spontel had bought Tamro, the new Tamro continued in the exchange in shell of former Spontel until 2004. See also Spontel Oy.

Nature of business: Manufacture and wholesale of medicine and health care products.

Name history:
31.08.1994 – Tamro-jakelu Oy
29.01.1971 – Oy Tamro Ab
13.02.1942 – Tampereen Rohdos Oy – Tammerfors Drog Ab
01.09.1936 – Rohdososakeyhtiö Tampereella, Drogaktiebolaget i Tammerfors
18.04.1906 – Drogerihandels-Aktiebolaget i Tammerfors

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