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Helsinki 07.02.1990 10 B share(s) 300 FIM restricted

Formerly “Kuusinen Ltd”.

Kuusinen was a legendary clothing company for men. It was est. in 1915 in Käkisalmi (Priozersk) by Mr. Kalle Kuusinen. Business was transferred into Helsinki in 1918. Bankrupted in 1993.

The share of Kuusinen was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1975 to 1993.

Nature of business: Fashion department store, mostly men’s wear, later also women’s wear.

Name history:
14.06.1989 – Corum Oy
25.11.1930 – Kuusinen OY
17.09.1918 – Kalle Kuusinen Osakeyhtiö

Mr. Kuusinen himself was also a significant donor of several charities in Finland.