Turengin Juurikkaantuottajat Oy

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Turenki 01.08.1992 10 share(s) 120 FIM restricted specimen

“Sugarbeet farmers of Turenki Ltd”.

A holding company was founded by Suomen Sokeri (Finnsugar Ltd) to promote sugarbeet production in the neighbourhood of Turenki. The company was established in 1977 and the share capital was added by a share issue intended for beet farmers. The company invested its assets mainly in the shares of Finnsugar Ltd.

Two other companies with similar structure were also Naantalin Juurikkaantuottajat Oy and Salon Juurikkaantuottajat Oy. All those three companies were redeemed by parent company Finnsugar (then Cultor Ltd) in 1999. Together their ownership of Cultor’s shares were 8 % (or 11,7 % of votes). Closed in 2000.

Cultor was later sold to Danisco, and now it’s a part of Nordzucker Group.

Nature of business: Regional furtherance of farming sugarbeet, development, investing.

Name history:
30.05.1980 – Turengin Juurikkaantuottajat Oy
19.10.1979 – Turengin Juurikkaantuottajat oy – Turenki Betproducenter Ab
30.06.1977 – Makeri Oy