Oulun Teknologiakylä Oy

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Oulu – 50 share(s) 2500 FIM restricted specimen

“Techno park of Oulu Ltd”.

A property developing company, which was established in 1982 in Oulu. The company operates in several cities in Finland, and also abroad in Baltic states, in Norway and in Russia. The company has been called Technopolis Ltd since 2000.

The share of Technopolis has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1999.

Nature of business: Property development and rent, especially for technology companies.

Name history:
07.04.2000 – Technopolis Oyj
15.04.1998 – Technopolis Oulu Oyj
05.11.1997 – Oulun Teknologiakylä Oyj
16.09.1982 – Oulun Teknologiakylä Oy

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Teknologiakyla, Uleåborg, Uleaborg