Suomenmaa Osakeyhtiö

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Helsinki 31.12.1990 5 B share(s) 125 FIM restricted specimen

A publishing and printing house, which released Suomenmaa newspaper a few years in the 1990’s. The predecessor of the paper was Maakansa, which began to come out in 1908. Since 1965 it has been called Suomenmaa. Suomenmaa paper is still released by Joutsen Media. It’s a political organ of the Centre Party (former Agrarian League).

This particular company was active between 1924 and 1997. In 1997 it was merged to Suomenmaa-Yhtiöt Oy.

Nature of business: Publishing, printing.

Name history:
06.06.1990 – Osakeyhtiö Suomenmaa
09.07.1948 – Kirjapaino Oy Lause
03.06.1924 – Kirjapaino-Osakeyhtiö Lause

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