Kymi Kymmene Oy

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Helsinki Helsingfors 18.10.1982 deb 82 500 FIM

“Kymmene Corporation”.

A Kymmene paper mill was established in 1873 in Kuusankoski. Production grew rapidly, and in the 1910’s Kymmene was the largest company in Finland and also the biggest paper manufacturer of the Nordic countries.

The share of Kymmene was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1915 to 1996, when the company merged into UPM-Kymmene Ltd. The share of UPM is still listed.

Nature of business: Forest industry, timber and plywood.

Name history:
30.04.1996 – merged into UPM Kymmene Oy
29.04.1987 – Kymmene Oy
31.10.1983 – Kymi-Strömberg Oy
31.12.1976 – Kymi Kymmene Oy
18.02.1936 – Kymin Osakeyhtiö – Kymmene Aktiebolag
21.05.1873 – Kymmene Aktiebolag

The Griffin of Kymmene is the oldest logo among the Finnish companies, which is still used. It was drawn by Mr. Hugo Simberg in 1899.

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