Maanviljelyskauppa Oy

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Helsinki 23.04.1951 1 share(s) 200 FIM restricted

“Agriculture store Ltd”, formerly “Suomalainen Maanviljelyskauppa Osakeyhtiö”.

A shop established in 1898 was selling things needed in agriculture. It was located in Wiborg, address Pohjolankatu 8, where still stands a building drawn by Mr. Paavo Uotila. During the WWII the store decided to move to Helsinki, but it was shut down in the 1950’s. Some famous founders of the company were Mr. Juho Lallukka and Juho Hallenberg.

Nature of business: Retail trade.

The certificate has a nostalgic ploughing vignette with horses.

Auction results 14.12.2011 27 EUR, 4.11.2012 22 EUR.