Pohjanmaan Kauppiaiden Osakeyhtiö

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Oulu 30.03.1946 1 share(s) 1000 FIM

“Merchants of Ostrobothnia Ltd”.

Wholesaler Pohjanmaa was established in 1917 to operate in Ostrobothnia region. It was joined to international Spar marketing collaboration in 1963 on purpose to boost its sale and save costs. In the early 1970’s the marketing co-operation was changed to TUKO. In 1993 the business was transferred to TUKO and a few years later the companies were merged.

The share of Pohjanmaa was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1981 to 1993.

Nature of business: Wholesale.

Name history:
29.10.1965 – Pohjanmaa Oy
21.08.1917 – Pohjanmaan Kauppiaiden Osakeyhtiö

Alternative keywords for searching:
Osakeyhtio, Uleåborg, Uleaborg