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Tampere 31.12.1919 10 bearer share(s) 1000 FIM

Traditions from Tampere since 1897!

Distilling at home was criminalized by the emperor Alexander II in 1865. The commercial distilleries were liberalized in 1866. Small local groups called “Friends of sobriety” started founding breweries in order to slow down the sale of the high percentage alcohol. Pyynikki was founded in 1897, when a group of breweries in the Tampere area merged. In the beginning of the 20th century “Friends of sobriety” gained more power and a local prohibition in Tampere was declared. The prohibition covered not only Tampere, but the whole Finland in 1919. No alcohol or even beer was allowed to produce for 13 years and all ex-breweries made only soft drinks. Numbers 543210 are well known in Finland as the prohibition ended finally on 5th April 1932 at 10 a.m.

Mr. Sulo Salmelin bought the majority of Pyynikki couple of years later. After his death in 1930, his widow and mother of five children, Mrs. Rosa Salmelin took over the company and continued as the “Lady of the house” until 1960. People of Tampere remember her as a tough woman. The son of the Salmelin family sold Pyynikki to the Sinebrychoff (est. 1819). Sinebrychoff is now part of Carlsberg from Denmark.

Nature of business: Beverage, brewery.

The vignette of older Pyynikki shares is like an aquarelle painting of hops with a jug, of course. Very sophisticated.

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