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Kyröfors 04.10.1928 10 share(s) 10000 FIM

A multifunctional company Hammarén & Co (later Kyro Ltd and Glaston Ltd) was established in 1870. It started as a cotton manufacturer, but expanded soon into wood product manufacture and energy production. Form of limited liability company was chosen in 1910. The forest industry division was sold to Metsä-Serla in 1995. The company is still active as Glaston Ltd, which is a manufacturer of safety glass machines.

The share of Kyro has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1981 to 1983 and again since 1997.

Nature of business: Forest industry, paper, board, safety glass.

Name history:
01.06.2007 – Glaston Oyj Abp
01.09.1997 – Kyro Oyj Abp
11.07.1990 – Oy Kyro Ab
19.09.1941 – O/Y Kyro A/B
04.07.1941 – Hammarén & Co Aktiebolag
10.03.1910 – Hammarén & C:o Aktiebolag

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