Uleå Aktiebolaget Osakeyhtiö

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Oulu 16.11.1912 10 share(s) 10000 FIM

A sawmill company Uleå (Oulu) was established in 1912 and it was an owner of wide forest territories in Northern Finland. Its steam sawmills were located in Oulu region. However, Uleå’s activities were turned into unprofitable state, and the company was impelled to join into forest industry group Kajaani Ltd in 1927.

The certificate is very beautiful one, with large conifer forest vignette. Firs behind are very narrow ones, which is typical for northern forests (short branches resist better snow load). Ornament of the paper is formed from cones and conifer boughs.

Auction results: 29.11.2015 181 EUR, 16.9.2018 59 EUR.

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