Kansalliskauppa Osakeyhtiö

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Kuopio 31.12.1928 1 share(s) ? 100 FIM

Kansalliskauppa (“National store”) was established in 1890 by cobblers. In the 1980’s the company expanded into hotel and restaurant business. Finally, in 2001 the company was merged into Hallman Group, which was Kansalliskauppa’s long-term competitor in Kuopio.

The share of Kansalliskauppa was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1981 to 1994.

Nature of business: Retail trade, restaurants, accommodation.

Name history:
01.12.1978 – Kansalliskauppa Oy
19.03.1935 – Kansalliskauppa Osakeyhtiö
19.02.1897 – Kansallis Kauppa-Osakeyhtiö Kuopiossa

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