Lahden Rautateollisuus Oy

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Lahti xx.xx.19xx 50 share(s) ? 25000 FIM specimen

“Iron industry of Lahti Ltd”, today known as Raute Ltd.

A metal industry company, which was established in 1906. First it was repairing machines, manufacturing metal beds, building lake ships, steam machines and scales. In the 1930’s it expanded to making saws and plywood machines, which came later the main business of the company. Today the company is called Raute, and its market share in this defined segment is pretty remarkable.

The share of Raute has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1994.

Nature of business: Metal industry, manufacturing equipment for wood processing.

Name history:
22.06.1998 – Raute Oyj
15.09.1983 – Raute Oy
27.11.1942 – Lahden Rautateollisuus Oy
16.03.1912 – Lahden Rautateollisuus Osakeyhtiö
30.04.1908 – Lahden Rauta- ja Metalliteollisuustehdas Osakeyhtiö

The vignette of the certificate represents “Seppo Ilmarinen”, who has a fundamental position in Finnish mythology. Ilmarinen was a smith, the Eternal Hammerer. Corresponding figure exists also in Greek and Roman mythology: In Greece the God of fire, metalworking and blacksmiths’ was called as Hephaestus, and in Rome he was Vulcan.

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