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Tammisaari 25.05.1955 10 share(s) 50000 FIM

“Drug Ltd”.

A drug factory Rohto was established in 1947 by chemists. Rohto Ltd was first bought by Tamro in 1979, but merged in 1989 into Huhtamäki Ltd. After that the factory has had many owners like Leiras, Schering, Nycomed and finally Takeda of Japan.

The company has quitted already and also the factory in Tammisaari was closed in 2009.

The share of Rohto was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1981 to 1987.

Nature of business: Medicine manufacture.

Name history:
17.07.1964 – Oy Rohto Ab
17.08.1951 – Oy. Rohto – AV – Drog Ab
05.12.1947 – Rohto Oy

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