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Sortavala 30.11.1917 1 share(s) 500 FIM

“Ironmongery of Karelia Ltd”.

A tool store Karjalan Rauta was established in 1917 in Sortavala, by Lake Ladoga. The business was managed by the brothers of Nurmi (Oski and Juho). Because of the WWII, when Finland lost Karelia to the Soviet Union, the company had to move to Lappeenranta. The business continued until 1971 and the company was removed from Trade register in 1972.

The store house of the company was located in Turunkatu 3 in Sortavala (now Komsomolskaya street). Old store building was planned by architect Gerhard Sohlberg. Nowadays there is an art gallery of Kronid Gogolev (1926-2013) – a noted Russian wood sculptor.

Nature of business: Retail of tools, ironmongery.

This one is a certificate from the founding issue of the company. They had only 400 shares then. The certificate is dated only one week before the independence of Finland!

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