Björneborgs Bomull Ab Porin Puuvilla Oy

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Björneborg Pori 30.12.1920 1 share(s) 1000 FIM

Cotton factory of Pori was established in 1920 to continue the former cotton activities in Pori. Originally “Björneborgs Bomullmanufaktur Aktiebolaget” was founded in 1898, and in the reorganization in 1920 one old share was admitting eight shares of this new cotton company. In 1920 the share capital was 16 000 000 Marks divided to 16 000 shares.

The share of Porin Puuvilla was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1973 to 1974, when the company was merged into Finlayson Ltd. Then the largest owners of the company were Ahlström family and A. Ahlström Ltd.

Nature of business: Cotton weaver, drapery, fabric printing, yarns.

The manufacturing was exitted finally in 1994. The old buildings of the cotton factory are still standing and conserved. In 2014 there was opened a large shopping centre in the former mill rooms.

Auction results 14.12.2011 82 EUR, 9.2.2014 39 EUR, 30.11.2014 26 EUR, 29.11.2015 18 EUR, 12.3.2017 20 EUR.

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