Suomen Trikootehdas Oy

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Tammerfors 28.06.1946 50 share(s) 5000 FIM restricted

“Finnish Tricot Ltd”.

A tricot factory was est. in 1903 by Mr. Alfred Kordelin. The manufacturer held at the most 50 % of the tricot production in Finland. Some products were also exported under Finnwear brand. The factory was sold to Finlayson in 1983. Nowadays the brands of the company belong to Nanso.

Mr. Kordelin was also the largest private land owner in Finland.

The share of Finnish Tricot was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1916 to 1992.

Nature of business: Hosiery, tights, clothes, wearing.

Name history:
11.12.1996 – closed
01.07.1949 – Suomen Trikoo Oy Ab
24.03.1904 – Osakeyhtiö Suomen Trikootehdas Aktiebolag

Signed by Mr. Harald Jensen. A beautiful certificate, with the factory area illustrated in its vignette.

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