Kuopion Seudun Paikallisradio Oy

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Kuopio 18.06.1990 1 A share(s) 20 FIM restricted specimen

“Local Radio of Kuopio Ltd”.

A commercial broadcasting company was established in 1985, when regional commercial radio stations were allowed in Finland. In 2007 the radio station of Kuopio was combined with two neighbouring channels, and the united station took name Oikea Asema (Right Station). In 2008 it joined into nationwide Iskelmä Group, which is nowadays owned by SBS Discovery Media.

Nature of business: Commercial broadcasting.

Name history:
in 2010 – closed
22.12.1998 – Kuopion Oikea Asema Oy
19.06.1997 – Kuopion Suomalainen Radioasema Oy
28.06.1989 – Kuopion Seudun Paikallisradio Oy
07.11.1985 – Kuopion Paikallisradio Oy

The vignette of the certificate represents a microphone designed as globe.