Gamla Carleby Ångbränneri-Aktiebolag

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Gamla Karleby 22.10.1873 1 share(s) 1000 FIM

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Share capital 60 000 FIM, 60 shares a 1000 FIM.

The distilling at home was criminalized in 1866. This created a new industrial branch, distilling. The Grand Duchy of Finland gave the distilleries a production quota and controlled the companies. The produced alcohol was refined into drinkable alcohol in other factories. The Gamla Carleby Ångbränneri was founded in 1873 and it produced only unrefined alcohol.

The consumption of alcohol was extremely disapproved by an society called ”the Friends of Sobriety”. In 1919 they managed to pass a so called ”Dry-law” and manufactory and import of alcohol (more than 2 percentage by volume) became illegal. The sale of alcohol became solely a right for the State of Finland for medical and scientific needs. The new alcohol law stopped also the production of Gamla Carleby Ångbränneri and the state of Finland bought all the company’s distillery equipments.

The new, liberal, alcohol law came into action in 1932 after a referendum. The production of alcohol remained property of the state of Finland as did the sale of alcohol. In 1969 the sale of max. 4,7% alcohol i.e. beer was liberalized, but the production of strong alcohol is still property of the State of Finland.

Gamla Carleby Ångbränneri had only 60 shares (à 1  000 FIM), and the owners where Alfred Björkman, Carl Donner, Karl Jung ja Karl Nyström (15 each).

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