Turkistuottajat Oy Finnish Fur Sales Co Ltd

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Vantaa Vanda 15.09.1986 1000 C share(s) 50000 FIM restricted specimen

“Finnish Fur Sales Co Ltd”, sometimes abbreviated to FFS.

A fur broker, which was founded in 1938 with a purpose to sell fur skins of its owners, who were mostly furriers. The company is still active and is known as Saga Furs Oyj. Its principle is quite unchanged, and furriers own the majority of the company.

Nowadays Saga Furs Oyj offers the world’s largest assortment of farmed European fur via its international auctions. Saga Furs Oyj is the only publicly listed company in the world of its kind.

The share of Turkistuottajat has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1987.

Nature of business: Fur brokerage.

Name history:
30.09.2011 – Saga Furs Oyj
07.10.1997 – Turkistuottajat Oyj
15.11.1995 – Turkistuottajat Oy
21.11.1969 – Turkistuottajat Oy – Finnish Fur Sales Co Ltd
15.03.1938 – Turkistuottajat Oy

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