Suomen Yhdyspankki Oy Föreningsbanken i Finland Ab

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Helsinki Helsingfors 23.01.1991 deb 1/91 10000 FIM

“Union Bank of Finland Ltd”, also known as an abbreviation SYP.

Established in 1862 as the first Finnish bank right after the legislation allowed limited companies in Finland. The bank had a fierce battle with Kansallis-Osake-Pankki (KOP) for the control of the Finnish industry for over 100 years until 1995 when they merged (KOP merged to SYP) and formed the Merita Bank Plc (1996). Later Merita merged with several Scandinavian banks into Nordea Bank Plc, which is still active.

The shares are listed in Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1912 until today as Nordea.

Nature of business: commercial banking, investment banking, domestic and international banking.

Name history:
27.12.2000 – closed
29.12.1997 – Merita Oyj
29.12.1995 – Merita Oy
01.09.1992 – Unitas Oy
01.07.1991 – Liikepankki Unitas Oy
26.09.1975 – Suomen Yhdyspankki Oy
07.08.1970 – Pohjoismaiden Yhdyspankki Oy
14.08.1934 – Osakeyhtiö Pohjoismaiden Yhdyspankki
29.10.1919 – Aktiebolaget Nordiska Föreningsbanken

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