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Säkylä 31.12.1985 50 share(s) 500 FIM restricted specimen

“Western Factories Ltd”.

Lännen Tehtaat started in 1951 as a sugar factory in Western Finland. It was called as Lännen Tehtaat between 1973 and 2013. During its history the company has manufactured also excavators for tractors, kept nursery and produced animal feed. Nowadays the company is known as Apetit Ltd, which is operating in frozen foodstuff business. It’s processing frozen vegetables, ready meals, fish and vegetable oils.

The share of Lännen Tehtaat / Apetit has been listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1981.

Nature of business: Sugar, frozen foodstuff, fish products, trade of grain and oilseed.

Name history:
07.05.2013 – Apetit Oyj
03.07.1998 – Lännen Tehtaat Oyj
29.06.1973 – Lännen Tehtaat Oy
17.07.1964 – Lännen Sokeri Oy
25.06.1951 – Länsi-Suomen Sokeritehdas Oy

The vignette of the certificate advises “Audere et Vincere”, dare and conquer.

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