Finvest Oy

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Espoo 01.02.1988 1000 A share(s) 1000 FIM restricted specimen

“Finvest Inc”.

A development company was earlier known as Suomen Maanviljelijäin Kauppa Oy (SMK, Finnish farmers’ store Ltd). In 2000 Finvest was divided into four new company. They were Evox Rifa, eQ Holding, Vestcap and new Finvest Oyj. eQ was one of the earliest online stock brokers in Finland. To date it’s bought by the Swedish Nordnet.

The share of Finvest was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1942 to 2000 and after that as Amanda Capital and until today as eQ.

Nature of business: Promoting the development of Finnish industry and diversification of its production structure, i.e. development company activities.

Name history:
01.09.1997 – Finvest Oyj
28.02.1985 – Finvest Oy
29.12.1925 – Suomen Maanviljelijäin Kauppa O.Y
04.02.1898 – Hämeen maanviljelijäin Kauppa Osake Yhtiö

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