Suomen Kiinteistöpankki Oy Fastighetsbankens I Finland Ab

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“Mortgage bank of Finland Ltd”, Fastighetsbanken i Finland Ab.

A mortgage bank, which was established in 1907. The first president of the bank was Mr. Otto Stenroth. A few years later in 1918 he was invited to the first Foreign Minister of the State of Finland.

The company continued also operating of mortgage lending society “Mortgage fund of the Finnish towns Ltd” (Städernas i Finland Hypotekskassa), which was bankrupted in 1922.

Suomen Kiinteistöpankki was a subsidiary of SKOP / SCAB since 1945. Merged into Handelsbanken in 1996.

The share of Suomen Kiinteistöpankki was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1912 to 1944.

Nature of business: Mortgage bank.

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