Juva Oy

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Espoo 19.07.1991 5 A share(s) 50 FIM restricted specimen

Juva Ltd was an engineering office of Mr. Erkki Juva. It was established in 1966 and bankrupted in 1993 because of its bad investments for real estate.

The share of Juva was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1986 to 1992.

Nature of business: Building engineering.

Name history:
10.11.2005 – removed from Trade register
20.10.1993 – bankrupted
18.07.1985 – Juva Oy
16.02.1979 – Erkki Juva Oy
30.03.1973 – Insinööritoimisto Erkki Juva Oy
04.03.1966 – Insinööritoimisto Erkki Juva, kommandiittiyhtiö

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