Wasa Spetsfabrik Aktiebolaget Waasan Pitsitehdas Osakeyhtiö

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Wasa 28.12.1916 1 share(s) 200 FIM

“Wasa Lacefactory Ltd”.

A traditional lace factory was founded in 1915 and bankrupted in 1995. The activity had finished already in the 1980’s.

Nature of business: Sewing of lace and hangings.

Name history:
30.11.1988 – Oy Lacefactory Ltd
28.10.1915 – Aktiebolaget Wasa Spetsfabrik, Osakeyhtiö Vaasan Pitsitehdas

Auction results: 18.09.2011 10 EUR, 16.03.2014 13 EUR.

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Pitsitehdas Osakeyhtio, Vaasa, Waasa