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Helsinki 31.12.1987 500 A share(s) 5000 FIM restricted specimen

Leo Longlife was a advertising gift company, which was originally established in 1965 as Napite Ltd. Napite was manufacturing buttons and buckles, but the activities were expanded to business gifts like pens in the 1970’s. That new business was arranged in Leo Longlife Ltd.

Leo Longlife was a family-owned company, whose minority stake was listed in the stock exchange. In 2006 was done an arrangement, when the business, company name and also owners were changed. Then Leo Longlife bought a hobby craft and stationery company Tiimari, its name was changed to Tiimari too, and the main owners of the company were changed. Tiimari was bankrupted in 2013.

The share of Leo Longlife was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1988 to 2006, when the company was changed its name to Tiimari Ltd. The share of Tiimari remained in the exchange until 2013.

Nature of business: Advertising gifts, business gift services, office accessories, investing.

Name history of this particular company:
24.09.2013 – bankrupted
13.10.2006 – Tiimari Oyj Abp
16.07.1998 – Oyj Leo Longlife Plc
31.12.1987 – Oy Leo-Longlife Ltd
31.01.1985 – Oy Accessories Ltd
14.11.1975 – Accessories Oy

Name history of the former Leo Longlife Ltd:
31.08.2012 – closed
09.11.2009 – Tuotesampo Oy
30.08.2007 – Tiimore Oy
09.12.2005 – Leo Longlife Design Oy
03.06.1996 – Oy Leo-Longlife Group Ltd
31.12.1987 – Oy Leo-Longlife Export
18.04.1980 – Oy Leo-Longlife Ltd
19.12.1975 – Muovi-Apu Oy
12.07.1974 – Vene-Vaskivuo Oy