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Nokia 01.10.1986 5 share(s) 2500 FIM specimen

Nanso is a family-owned textile company, which was established in 1922. The company started as a dyeing mill, but expanded soon into weaving. Nanso is a glad exception among Finnish textile factories. It has succeeded to stay alive, while most its unprofitable competitors has been shut down or bankrupted. Nanso has taken advantage of the situation, and it has bought several well-known trademarks to itself.

Nowadays Nanso’s main products are tricot clothes and socks. The majority of Nanso’s shares has been in Aaltonen family’s hand since the 1930’s.

Nature of business: Textile, clothes.

Name history:
31.12.2006 – Nanso Group Oy
14.07.1972 – Nanso Oy
07.07.1936 – Nokian Kutomo Oy
31.01.1922 – Nokian Kutomo- ja Värjäys O.Y

Some trademarks of Nanso:
Finnwear, Black Horse, Vogue, Norlyn, Amar and KS.