Sähköliikkeiden Oy

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Vantaa 30.09.1983 bond I/83 100000 FIM specimen

A wholesaler of electrical, telecom and automation supplies, which was founded in 1945. In the 1980’s it was a subsidiary of Nokia Ltd. The company still exists as SLO Oy. It sales miscellaneous components needed in installations. Since 1999 SLO has belonged to French Sonepar (est. in 1862).

Nature of business: Wholesale of electrical, telecom and automation products.

Name history:
24.01.1990 – Slo Oy
03.12.1976 – Sähköliikkeiden Oy
07.09.1945 – Sähköliikkeiden O.Y

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Sahkoliikkeiden SLO