Poro ja Riista Oy

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Rovaniemi 01.06.1977 1 share(s) 2,5 FIM restricted

“Reindeer and quarry Ltd”.

A meat processor Poro ja Riista was established in 1937 by reindeer owners. It was manufacturing products of reindeer and game. The company was set in bankruptcy in 1989 as an effect of massive scandal of rotten reindeer meat sold by the company. In addition to that, it came out that the company had withdrawn some export subsidies from the state by giving deliberately wrong data about its production. Meat scandal caused by Roro ja Riista confused the reindeer meat market of Finland seriously.

Nature of business: Meat processing.

Name history:
20.05.1977 – Poro ja Riista Oy
30.11.1937 – Poro- ja Riistaosakeyhtiö

Wintry scenery in the certificate of the company represents reindeers seeking lichen to eat. Landscape with fells and stunted birches is typical for the Northern Lapland. The blue tone of the picture reminds the polar night darkness, when sun is not dawning for weeks. In the northernmost Finland the polar night stays for 51 days.