Itä-Suomen Raakasokeritehdas Oy

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Kyminlinna 17.10.1952 1 share(s) 500 FIM

A sugar refining company, which has such a sad story. The company was established in 1934 with a purpose to start a refinery for sugar beet in Karelia. Mill was built and the production started in Antrea in 1938. However, Soviet Union invaded in Finland in 1939, and after war Antrea was lost to Soviet Union. New sugar refinery of the company was ceded to Soviet Union in 1944. The company was then moved into Kotka without factory, and it continued until the 1970s, when it was merged into Suomen Sokeri (Finnish Sugar Ltd).

Antrea is now called Kamennogorsk and the sugar mill is nowadays working as an office paper and book factory.