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Helsinki 26.06.1989 10 common share(s) 4 FIM non-restricted

Karhu (Bear) was established in 1916. Its products won international regard with so called “Flying Finns”, the successful Finnish athletics in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The majority stake holder of the company changed many times, and finally in 1993 Asko Ltd redeemed other owners’ shares to itself. Karhu-Titan was merged into Asko in 1996. After that the business was jointed in several parts and the parts were sold quickly. Some sporting equipment and clothes are still manufactured under Karhu trademark, but by different company and not owned by Finns.

The share of Karhu-Titan was listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1981 to 1994.

Nature of business: Sporting goods.

Name history:
08.06.1973 – Karhu-Titan Oy
16.09.1966 – Oy Urheilu-Karhu Karhu-Sport Ab
09.04.1948 – Osakeyhtiö Urheilutarpeita, Aktiebolaget Sportartiklar, Sportarticles Co. Ltd., A.G. Sportartikel
08.09.1916 – Aktiebolaget Sportartiklar – Osakeyhtiö Urheilutarpeita

Did you know, that Karhu was the company, who REALLY invented the three stripes? That figure was formerly used by Karhu and sold in 1952 to Mr. Adi Dassler. Adidas with three stripes is today the legend, of course.

One well-known former product of Karhu-Titan was Titan ice-hockey stick, which was used i. a. by Wayne Gretzky. Titan was later sold to Canadian CCM.

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