Terms and Privacy

This page describes the conditions of use and privacy notice of this open web site.

The processing of the subscriptions in short:
– We will confirm your subscription within 3 working days.
– The invoice of your subscription will be delivered via e-mail.
– We add the costs of shipment to the invoice. That’s 5,00 euros.
– Subscriptions over 30 euros will be sent without those shipment costs.
– The delivery will be sent out via postal service.

The copyrights:

All the content of this website if not mentioned otherwise is © Osakekirja.fi Oy 2003-2017.

The responsibilities:

– We don’t take any responsibilities about the content of sites linked from our website.

– We don’t take any responsibilities – neither ethical nor material – if the content of our website is modified via illegal actions or cyber hack.

– The content of our website may contain technical or issue-related mistakes nor can we provide responsibility of avoiding these mistakes 100%.

– The content of our website is not be seen as committed offers, suggestions, or other ways made commitments, if not mentioned otherwise.

The responsibilities of the customers:

The customer is responsible for the rightness of the information provided to osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi). In case the information provided by the customer is not accurate, osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) doesn’t have any responsibilities towards the losses of the customers.

The holding of the information:

Osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) has right to save and analyse the data of customers at osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) in order to make the comfortability of customers at the website of osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) better. Osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) has also right to acquire the information for these kinds of analyses from the third parts. However the anonymities of individuals are in both cases secured.


The English pages of the osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) are a mirrors of the Finnish-language sites of osakekirja.fi. The primary updates, most informative pages, additional stories etc. are focused to the pages of osakekirja.fi in Finnish.

Osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) has all the right to change the content of their website – or terms of use – or even close the service. Osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) has also right to stop the service for maintenances and updates. The transactions between the customers and the osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) are done according the law of Finland and the law of the Republic of Finland is applied to all cases of legal matters between the osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) and the customer.

Privacy Notice


Our website osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) is committed to safeguard your privacy online at any of our sites. Please be so kind as to read the following information to gain a better understanding of how your information will be used by osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi).

What personal information does osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) collect?

osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) collects information in several ways. When purchasing any of the products offered by osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) some personal information is gathered for processing purposes and to better serve your needs. The more accurate the information provided the better our services will be. We also have periodic newsletters available directly from osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi). We will never share these e-mail addresses with any other party.

How does osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) use my Information?

Osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) uses all your information in a responsible manner! We use the information internally to be able to better serve you. We might send you an announcement of new or improved products or services at osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi). However, we do NOT make your personal information available to the advertiser. Your information is safe with us!

Does osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) sell my Information?

osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) DOES NOT SELL, RENT OR RELEASE PERSONAL INFORMATION GATHERED ON OUR SITES TO OTHER COMPANIES, INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS! Any information gathered is only used at osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) for purposes stated above and below.

How secure are my Transactions at osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi)?

Osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) uses industry standard secure server software. Please note that email is not encrypted and is not considered a secure means of transmitting credit card numbers.

What else you need to know about your privacy?

Please keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information online – for example on message boards, through email, or in chat areas – that information can be collected and used by others. In short, if you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your passwords and/or any account information. Please be careful and responsible whenever you’re online.

Contact us at & the holder of the customer register of osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi):

Osakekirja.fi Oy, PL 144, 00181 Helsinki, FINLAND.

Person in charge of the customer register:

Janne Pietikäinen, cell ph. +358 44 521 21 21

The name of the register:

The Customer Register of Osakekirja.fi Oy

The purpose of the register:

The register is used for customer relationships, for communication with the customers and for marketing of osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) to its customers only.


What is inside of the register:

1. the data of the customer containing his/her street address and e-mail and all the useful data allowing them to make their orders: first and last names, phone numbers.

2. the list of all the orders made by the customers.

Which are the sources of the register:

The information for the customer register of osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) is provided by the customer him/herself at the beginning of the customer relationship with osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi). The customer relationship starts when the customer orders items from osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) or creates sign-in attributes for the online-shop (login, password) of osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi).

The providing the information from the register to the third parts:

No providings. The only cases of providing the information from the register are the requests of the customer him/herself or the legal requests of police forces only.

The principles of securing the data of the register:

The printed information is secured in locked rooms. The computer coded information is secured in the web behind the passwords, available for the crew of osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) only. The allowance of using either information is strictly for business between osakekirja.fi (scripophily.fi) and the customer only.